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Noctic Focus

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Our Story


Enter the Internet Age

Noctic is a young company, built in the midst of technological revolution. The world evolves, and we evolve with it. Noctic is a brand that lives and thrives exclusively on internet. 


Rising stars in manufacturing

We search for rising stars in the manufacturing world. In close collaboration with the finest only, we design and coproduce products. Our factories hire the finest craftsmen, use the latest technologies and the finest materials. Because only then we can achieve results of which we can be proud. 


The world is flat

Our business model is simple: we design, manufacture, ship to distribution centers around the world, and deliver straight to our customers. 
Good bye to traders, importers, distributors and chain stores. Hello simplicity, hello efficiency!


Share back to the community

Thanks to this very efficient business model, we save a lot of costs which don't add value to the product itself. Instead, we gladly share this profit back with the community, by offering high quality products at attractive prices.




Noctic Team